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Rue, a brave and ambitious young girl, longs to sail away on adventures. One day, with the help of a magical compass, Rue comes to discover mystical stones and gems that grant her the ability to heal her pirate friends.

Join Rue on a quest to help her dear comrade, Bandana Jack, when he comes to her with a dire problem! Our courageous Rue sets sail to prove that girls have a place in any pirate story, especially as the heroine.


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The Pirate Doctor

  • "There was once a young girl

    who enjoyed a good quest.

    She would daydream of sailing

    along with the best.


    Then, one day, a fine gift

    was delivered to Rue,

    and she’d find that her wishes

    were all coming true!"


    This listing is for the hardcover option. Our quality hardcover is 52 pages, matte finish with a spot UV detail and gorgeous end pages! The book is 8.5x11.

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